About us

MachlevtTech was founded in 2015 by Nissim Machlev, An Electrical Engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the field of Embedded Systems design. The firm’s expertise covers the whole chain of knowledge required for developing working solutions in applications such as medical, communication, military and consumer electronics. Nissim’s experience during his long career as developer and manager in firms like ECI Telecom, Orckit/Tioga Tech/ST Microelectronics, Extricom, PointerTelocation gives the company the range of knowhow needed to transform customer’s visions into working solution.


IOT Security: Peer to Peer security for low power devices with constrained memory footprint including backend support.
Telematics: Cellular communication, GPS, Battery management, low power design.
Control systems: Motor control: DC, Servo, Stepper.
Low power design: Expert with ARM based Micro Controllers Low power modes.
Medical systems: Short Range Radio, Energy Harvesting, Modems, GUI, Cellular communication, WiFi indoor positioning.
Military: Spread Spectrum control systems.

The services we offer

System Analysis
The first phase of the development process starts by comprehensive analysis of the customer’s vision and transforming this vision into detailed System Requirements Document. This process utilizes MachlevTech’s long experience in multidisciplinary projects and gives the customer a set of detailed requirements covering all the aspects of the project’s subsystems development. The detailed requirements are also the basis for the testing plan that will be developed as part of the project.

The Design Phase transforms the detailed requirements described in the System Requirements Document into both a conceptual solution covering alternative solutions in conjunction with budgetary and other technical constraints and a detailed description of the project’s sub systems including Hardware, Firmware (The embedded Software running inside programmable components such as Micro controllers and FPGAs), Software (Software running in off-the-shelf platforms such as Window, Linux, Other WEB platforms). The design phase is the infrastructure for the implementation phase that will follow.

During the implementation phase the Hardware Firmware and Software design will be materialized into implementation blocks. The Hardware blocks implementation will include block diagram, major components selection, detailed schematics, Bill of Materials and all the files required by the PCB manufacture. The Firmware blocks will include all the embedded software and VHDL code running inside programmable components while keeping strict coding conventions and meet all the real time and power constraints. The Software blocks will include all the management and control applications mandatory for achieving cloud connectivity. The software block, just like the firmware block, will be implemented while keeping strict coding conventions and adapting the best display, storage and protocol technologies.

During the being-up phase Hardware circuits, just returning from manufacturing, will be first tested and activated. This phase reflects MachlevTec’s long experience handling complicated challenges having to do with manufacturing artifacts and other multidisciplinary interactions between Electronic circuitry (both Analog and Digital) and programmable devices first arose when power is initially applied to newly manufactured circuits.

Integration and testing
The programmable firmware initially written during the implementation phase will now be integrated into the new circuit. The firmware will be debugged on the new hardware while verifying its functionality with real Hardware peripherals and while communicating with the cloud. After the integration phase the system is now ready for final functional testing comprehensively verifying all the functional aspects of the solution as defined in the System Requirements Document.





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